Cheerleading information

Updated Monday July 22, 2019 by FYFC.

2019 Framingham Youth Cheerleading

Welcome to all of our returning and new cheerleaders to another fun and exciting season with Framingham Youth Football and Cheerleading.  We are so glad that you are here!


Welcome to our coaches. We are thankful for their continued support to our program. All of our coaches are volunteers and donate an enormous amount of time to our program. Without our coaches we would not have a program. THANK YOU!!!!!

Our head coaches for the 2019 season are:

7th & 8th Grade – Dolores Velez (

5th & 6th Grade - Candra LaRosee ( )

4th Grade - Haley Dutchka (

2nd & 3rd Grade - Kelsey Edelman (

Cheer Coordinators:

Heather Bace
Email:, 617-501-2556

Danielle Thorpe

Email:, 774-232-7208

If you have any questions about registration:

Jacqui Goldberg

Email:, 617-538-1027

or Alex Perez (Espanol) or 508-243-9109

We are still in need of Assistant Coaches.  Please reach out to the cheer coordinator, Heather Bace, if you are interested.

Any questions or concerns should be first addressed with your child's head coach.


Practice will start Monday July 29th on the Keefe Tech’s baseball field/lower fields.  They will be held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evening from 6-8 pm. Please have your child to the field for practice by 5:45 pm. Once the softball season is over, we will move to the upper fields behind Loring Arena.  When school starts, practices will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 6-8pm.  During the school year, practices for grades 2/3 will be held Tuesdays & Thursdays.


Parents/Guardians are invited on the practie fields during drop off and pick up ONLY.  Parents are welcome to watch from a viewing area.

To ensure a secure practice environment:  ONLY coaches and assistant coaches will go out on the field with the cheerleaders during practice.  ONLY those adults who have an APPROVED CORI Form completed by, and on file, with FYFC are allowed on the practice fields.  All other parents will watch from a viewing area where other parents are located. 

Practices end at 8:00 pm. At 7:50 pm, parents may go to their cheerleader’s team practice space and pick-up your cheerleader. A parent/guardian must physically pick up their child from the coach. If you need to make other arrangements, please let the coach know.


Once school starts our outside practices will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6-8 pm. Indoor practices will be scheduled as space permits. Indoor practices may take place any day of the week and Saturday. Indoor practices may replace outdoor practices.


FYFC recognizes that absences may occur, but please understand that if one teammate is missing, the coach must make modifications ot the practice schedule.  We ask that your if your cheerleader must miss a practice, please contact your child's head coach (via e-mail AND text message) as soon as you know about the the absence, even if it's last minute!

Please note:  If a cheerleader misses more than one practice during a week, the cheerleader will not be able to cheer at the game that week.  If a cheerleader is missing practices on consistent day(s), the coach will contact the parent.


Parents, please inform your head coach and FYFC, in writing, at the first practice if your cheerleader has any allergies, relevant medical conditions or requires the use of an inhaler so that we may update our records accordingly and be prepared to properly attend to your child.


Cheerleaders should practice in gym shorts with bike shorts underneath, fitted shirt, sports bra, socks and cheer sneakers. Hair should be pulled back in a high pony tail. No jewelry or nail polish or make-up. For safety reasons, clothing needs to be fitted. Girls will no longer be allowed to wear baggy shirts (even if they're secured with a pony tail or rubber band) or loose, bulky sweatpants or sweatshirts to practice. In the cold weather, we recommend compression pants and compression shirts or fitted leggings and fitted jackets.


As we prepare for competition, practices increase. It is not mandatory for all cheerleaders to compete. If a cheerleader has other obligations and cannot make practice on a regular basis, a decision can be made by the parent and/or coach that it may be in the best interest of all for the cheerleader not to compete.


An e-mail will be sent out, by FYFC and the cheer director, if there is heavy rain or thunder in the area, or if Framingham Parks and Rec choose to close out the fields.


Cheerleaders will be provided with a vest and a skirt.  Cheerleaders need to purchase navy blue boy shorts, a V-neck midriff white undershirt, and cheer sneakers .  We ask that you purchase the ones listed below at these sites so that everyone looks uniform.




Home games will be played on Sundays at Framingham State University (FSU) football field located at 220 Maple Street. First game will be played the weekend after Labor Day, details will be posted soon.

For all practice and game cancellations, please refer to the website. Coaches will send an email as soon as possible. 

Cheer Competitions:

1. Oct 6 Framingham State University invitational comp (ALL TEAMS)
2. OCT 19 Natick High School LOCALS (ALL TEAMS)
3. NOV 2  STATES Lowell memorial auditorium (ONLY QUALIFYING TEAMS)
4. NOV 23 NE regionals Tsongas arena (ONLY QUALIFYING TEAMS)
5. Dec 14/15 AYF Nationals in FL (7/8 TEAM ONLY IF THEY QUALIFY by coming in 1st at Regionals)